Preschool Special No. 249 was founded in 1971 and was located at Grochowska 341 street. In the first year of operation of the facility organized 3 branches, attended by 36 children. First director was Irena Paśnicka. In 1985, the kindergarten moved to the building at Grochowska 365 street. Another moving on Gocław took place in April 1998. Thanks to the efforts of the then director Ms Danuta Piątkowska, kindergarten housed in nice rooms of the building at Umińskiego 11 street. In October 2011, the kindergarten moved to new headquarters at Kobielskiej 5 street.
Our facility includes a means of therapy and education of children with intellectual disabilities in moderate and severe, and children with the diagnosis: - coupled disability (physical and intellectual disability in moderate and severe) - autism spectrum disorders accompanied by mental retardation, - developmental disorders that make it difficult or impossible to attend kindergarten communal
We are accepting three-year-old children but the education at our nursery school last to 9 year of age and is giving the possibility of preparing the child for carrying the learning on at the integration or special institution. At the nursery school organised 5 branches and classes take place in 4-9 teams personal. Additionally children are participating in conducted individually classes and 2-3 smaller personal teams.
The selection of classes, how to work and help the child follows from the development of our diagnosis and skills of the child and the recommendations contained in the judgment of the need for special education. For each child a team of educators and specialists preparing Individual Education Program-Therapeutic takes into account the possibilities and development needs pupil. Every year we conduct controlled trial level child's functioning and progress in the development of the use of Profile Student Achievement or other diagnostic tools.
Every child participates in therapeutic, educational and protective classes in the dimension from 25 up to 50 hours every week, incl: - individual classes, psychological therapy, speech therapy, rehabilitation, sensory integration therapy, music therapy and others, - classes in the kindergarten group, which include: training of communication and social skills, build peer relationships and the development of skills of preschool, work on self-reliance and self-service, led peer fun, free and directed play in the garden nursery, rest and relaxation, walks, tours.
Early support for children is organized on the basis of the need to support early childhood development published by the clinic psychological and pedagogical. The offer is directed to preschool children: with a variety of disorders in psychomotor development and social with intellectual disabilities, autism, sensory impairment. Classes in the field of early support development take place in the kindergarten. Children who are under 3 years of age may participate in therapy in their family home.



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